Parent Testimonials

I feel very fortunate that this level of care is provided in a setting so near to my home.

Ms M, Leith

Headstart has a great set up with a creative use of space and inspired toys well beyond the usual range. The Nursery is very clean and bright and has a fantastic range of facilities which are added to on a regular basis.

Ms A, Leith

My son is very happy at Headstart - compared to the other nurseries I have seen I would give Headstart 10 out of 10.

Mrs J, Morningside

We are both very happy with the quality of care, primarily because our children are happy to be at Headstart. If I was a child I would want to go there.

Mr & Mrs S, Morningside

We cannot thank you enough for the teaching and support you've given (our child) in the last 5 years. With your help she has grown into a confident, enquiring and joyful human and looks to be in the perfect place to begin her primary education. We would recommend Headstart Leith to any family looking for a solid start to their child's younger years.

P & T, Leith

My baby daughter has been at Headstart for just a few months and she always comes home stimulated and content. We are very happy with all aspects of the care given. We also enjoy bringing home her artwork - it is brilliant that the children get the opportunity to paint from such a young age.

Mrs L, Leith

The quality of the care at Headstart is excellent. In the short time my son has been at the Nursery I have noticed that his speech has improved, his computer skills are very good and he can now count to ten in French! My son is very happy at Headstart. The Nursery is very professionally run and is, in my opinion, the best around.

Mr J, Morningside