Rooms & Outdoor Areas

Under 2's - Owlets

Our under 2's unit is split into 4 areas for the children to choose from during their time spent at nursery. The areas are based on the document 'Building the Ambition,' and allow the children to make their own choices, thereby allowing opportunities for free flow play at all times. The outside area is always available, with open doors into the play area where there are stimulating activities such as a mud kitchen, opportunities to be creative, build and climb.

The Rabbit room is our main room where you will be welcomed every morning by our fabulous team. This room has areas for small world, role play, building and a very inviting area to sit and enjoy a story with our selection of books. This room is where the children also have snack and meal times.

Our badger room is where all things creative happen from painting and gluing to water and sand play. All activities are at the child's level.

Saving the best for last is our hedgehog room where the lights are dimmed to create a relaxing and calming environment. This room is full of natural resources allowing for the children to stimulate their senses through for example, sensory bottles, different textures on boards around the room and smells using herbs and scents in many different ways. This room has a separate sleep room where the younger children sleep in cots. At sleep time the rest of the room is turned into the perfect place for the slightly older children to have a nap and rest on individual sleep mats.

2 - 5's - Owls

This room is very spacious, with huge front facing windows making it light and airy and thereby a perfect environment for a child to feel inspired. It accommodates many different areas for your child to learn and develop in areas such as maths & literacy, science, art, music etc through a work bench with real tools, the house corner, small world etc. All areas are well resourced and all activities are linked into the 'Pre-birth to Three' and 'Curriculum for Excellence' documents. All ages and stages are catered for with experienced staff constantly on hand.

The children's day is very flexible, with a rolling snack being provided with open doors through to the kitchen so the children can make the choice as to when they want to stop what they are doing to go through. There is a very child led approach the room which ensures that the children's individual interests and needs are being met.

There is access to a fantastic outdoor garden with a story hut, mud kitchen, bug hotel, fishing boat and even a bath to explore and let their imagination run free. The indoor learning opportunities are followed through and brought outside so that there is a continuous chance for development. We have a French teacher who attends each week with the pre-school children.

Both sections of the nursery participate in a variety of outings such as visiting the park, the library, farm or museum regularly. Learning journals are used to track all the children's development which parents have access to as well as a private Facebook page allowing parents to see their children 'having fun'.