Rooms & Outdoor Areas

Sunshine Room

The Sunshine room is home to our under 2s children. The unit, which is accessed via its own main door, has two separate play rooms as well as a kitchen and separate nappy changing and laundry room.

The front room, at the entrance of the building, is spacious and offers soft lighting using lamps and fairy lights to give a calming and homely feel. We have a selection of resources which support heuristic play as well as block play, early literacy and arts and crafts.

Our back room is known as the messy room and is large and bright, offering children opportunities to get messy with resources such as sand, water and paints. Again, there is a cosy area with fairy lights and books as well as a sensory board and more opportunities to investigate heuristic play.

The Sunshine's follow the 'Pre-birth to three' planning document and children are observed using our online 'Learning Journals'. We believe that promoting curiosity, creativity and enquiry from a young age using as many natural resources and everyday items as possible helps children to develop the skills required to become successful learners in the future.

We also have a small buggy store where parents are welcome to fold their buggy and store it for the day.

At Headstart we believe time spent outdoors is vital to children's wellbeing and development and therefore we aim to take the children out twice a day. We are lucky to have a fantastic local park (Morningside Play Park) right on our door step as well as Braidburn Park, The Hermitage and Blackford pond.

The Sunshine's love to spend as much time as possible outdoors, whether they are developing their balancing and coordination skills on the swings at the park or beginning to learn about the world around them at Blackford pond, the benefits of the time we spend outdoors is invaluable.

Ladybird Room

The Ladybird room is where our 2-3 year olds spend most of their day and children usually move to this room just after their 2nd birthday. The Ladybird room is a lovey space with a cosy feel. It offers opportunities for children to explore role play in the home corner as well as relax and take time out in our den area which has lots of comfy cushions, fairy lights and books.

Heuristic play remains an important resource in this room and we have lots of resources to support this such as mug trees, bangles, shells, sticks and stones. Sensory play is popular in this room and children love to make their own resources such as sensory bottles filled with things like water, food colouring and glitter!
Early literacy and numeracy is supported in this room in all areas but more so at the play dough station and mark making table where we have a variety of resources to develop a range of skills. There are also opportunities for the children to explore block play as well as small world resources.

The 'Creation Station' is where the Ladybird's explore different types of messy and creative play and this is shared with the children from the Rainbow room (3-5's). Children are free to roam between these rooms throughout the day.
The Ladybird team have recently put in place the new planning for 2-3 year olds developed by The City of Edinburgh Council which incorporates 'Building the Ambition' frameworks. All children are observed using our online 'Learning Journals' which gives parents an insight into what their children are learning at nursery and how they are developing.

The Ladybirds have a great need for physical exercise and activity and need to be given opportunities to run, swing and jump! They like to use their whole bodies when playing outdoors which means they are developing every muscle as well as their fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination.

The Ladybirds enjoy challenging themselves on the 'Little House' in the park as well as taking turns on the swings. As this age group are starting to show an interest in their environment and how we look after it, places like the Hermitage and Braidburn park are excellent areas to further these interests.

Rainbow Room

The Rainbow room is home to our ante-pre and preschool children (3-5's) and is a spacious, bright and airy room which benefits from lots of natural light thanks to the large windows.

The room is split into different sections which include Literacy, Numeracy, Construction and the Home Corner as well as a separate cosy area and follows the 'Curriculum for Excellence' framework as well as using the 'Learning Journals' to record children's learning and achievements.

Our Literacy area has various resources such as different types of stationary, word games, white boards as well as opportunities for children to be creative in their learning with access to resources for making books, writing letters etc.

In our Numeracy area children have the opportunity to develop a range of skills in a variety of different ways, for example, Bingo Bears encourage colour recognition as well as matching and sorting whereas puzzles encourage children to become problem solvers.

Construction and block play offers children the chance to continue to develop their problem-solving skills as well as their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. Our tool bench gives children the opportunity to assess their own risk using real tools as well as developing other skills.

Our home corner is a lovely area which we have tried to make as 'homely' as we can using lots of 'real life' items such as kitchen utensils, cups and plates, telephones etc. The children also have access to a real sink with running water and we have incorporated our playdough making station within this area to enhance the children's role play experience.

The cosy area is exactly what it is called, a place for children to take time out and relax with a book or explore some heuristic/sensory objects. It has a sofa as well as comfy cushions and fairy lights.

The children in the Rainbow room are becoming successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens and outdoor play and learning plays a huge part in this. At Headstart we recognise that children at this stage need a balance of planned, quality outdoor learning experiences as well as the chance to explore the environment around them at their own pace and through play. Using the 'Curriculum for Excellence through outdoor play' document alongside listening to what our children want to do outside we make good use of the surrounding local areas.

Bear hunts, transport spotting, trips to the local shops, collecting sticks and stones and litter picking are just some of the ways the children in the Rainbow room use their time outdoors.

Children in the Rainbow room continue to show an interest in their environment and the local community and at Headstart we want to play our part and be positive influence in the community. We visit our local nursing home twice a year where we enjoy singing songs to the residents as well as supporting local businesses in Morningside. Children's interests make up a large part of our planning and we try to bring the classroom outdoors as much as possible and frequently arrange trips to the museum, the zoo, deep sea world and east links family park.